Tuesday, 8 August 2017

You never forget your first!

Delving deep into the dark and dusty Words & Images archives, we came across this photo from one of our very first articles. The photo is of Ivan Sokoroniec who made amazing models from matchsticks – ships, trams and windmills. He had an exhibition of his work at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry.

It was way back around 1988 or 1989 – (almost 30 years – Aagh!!) and off we went to tackle our very first article for a paying magazine.

It was in the days of film, and while colour had been invented, we later decided to get some of the shots printed in black and white as that was what our intended magazine – What's On, wanted at the time.

Much to our surprise, the magazine published our article and photos and paid us the princely sum of £9.

Since then we've had hundreds of articles published on all kinds of topics; funnily enough crafts and models have always figured quite highly in our work. But like they say, you never forget your first.

Wonder if Ivan is still around and still making his models.

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