Sunday, 12 January 2020

Catching up!

So, there we were interviewing a member of Followers of Rupert about that loveable character Rupert Bear celebrating his 100th birthday this year, when Ann got a slightly woolly feeling settle over her and a sudden impulse to go and play in the woods. 

Luckily, she was back in time for tea and in time to write up her article on Rupert for Collector’s Gazette magazine. It will be out in the March 2020 edition, in good time for Rupert’s special birthday party in Warwick over the August Bank Holiday period.

Ann and Rob – who stays safely behind the camera… Did I say safely? Well actually, Rob is the one usually getting into precarious spots to get the shots he wants. But on this occasion, he was perfectly safe in Rupert’s Nutwood garden.

He also stayed safe when we had another encounter with a large walking ‘talking’ creature not so long ago. This was a nine-foot-tall Wookee of Star Wars fame. Chewbacca was meeting fans at the MCM Comic Con event which we like to go along to twice a year.  The hairy giant took a break from a photo shoot to be interviewed.

His rather mournful grunts, groans and growls all seemed to look the same in Ann’s shorthand notes, but reading between the lines, he said he was enjoying the show but looking forward to getting home, putting his (big) feet up and having a mug of hot chocolate.

While we’ve been a bit remiss about blogging recently, that’s just because we’ve been up to our eyes in writing for different publications. Amongst the activities, we’ve been meeting people who build and race remote control boats, plus we’ve attended toy fairs and model railway events, all for Collector’s Gazette magazine. 

We’ve been talking to amazing miniaturists who make all kinds of highly detailed doll’s house miniatures that have to be seen to be believed. Those articles are for Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine and Miniatura. If you don’t know about Miniatura – check it out. Their Spring Show takes place in March at the Birmingham NEC – don’t miss it!

We’ve also been writing about Hounds for Heroes and the Cinnamon Trust for The People’s Friend’s magazine. And lots of other events for our weekly slot in on-line magazine, B-C-ing-U. We’ve also been doing some restaurant reviews – I know, a dirty job but someone has to do it! Plus, some motoring events and the amazing Tanks, Trucks & Firepower Show, which is always so exciting!

So, as we get into 2020, we’ve already been out and about, writing, taking photos, doing interviews, as well as being on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire's Brody Bunch Show a number of times. And we’ve been busy writing books – but more on that next time.

Happy reading and writing everyone!