Saturday, 18 June 2016

In the Beginning...

It all began around 1990 when a writer (me, Ann Evans) met photographer/singer/drummer - Rob Tysall. Although usually he doesn't do all these things at the same time. However there have been occasions...

So, having caught the writing bug, I'd discovered that articles stood more chance of being accepted if you illustrated them with photographs.  And so we teamed up as Rob and Ann. That developed into Tysall's Photography and Ann Evans Books. Now that has morphed into Words & Images UK.

Since those early days, Rob has progressed from film to digital and Ann has progressed from quill to pencil!  We've covered topics as diverse as search and rescue on the forest covered slopes of Switzerland to tasting classic English cream teas; and from adventures on the Thames Estuary with the Marine Police to knitting.

Sharing with you our interviews and photographs of one of the times we went out with the Thames Marine Police to discover the fantastic work they do in keeping our country safe. Dogs Monthly magazine published a number of articles of our on this topic.

Enjoy the pics. These were from two different occasions.

Ann all set to go out with the Thames Marine Police.

The search dog is strapped to the handler to board the ship it has to search.

Safely back down.

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