Saturday, 30 July 2016


There we were at the church - myself (Rob) and Ann, and the heaven’s opened. It didn’t just rain it was in the bucket mode. The bride and groom did a great job of smiling through the pain but for Ann my designated driver and assistant on the day the rain was just the start! 

When we arrived at the church it was raining (a bit) and as Ann turned off the engine to her car something was not quite right, “Ho!” I said, the windscreen wipers are still going and they did not want to stop, I had to carry on in to the church to shoot the Groom and the best man etc., hoping that all would just sort itself out. Later I found out that Ann had called up her mechanic and explained the situation and after a brief pause he said, “It’s possessed.” 

We sorted it at the time by pulling the wipers out from the windscreen (so the car looked like it was waving at one and all) this is when I got the shot of Ann looking a tad stressed over-laden and wet! While on her low battery dying phone to her son-in-law for some ideas!!

After the church we had to rush to the wedding party venue to get there before the bride and groom, as it was still persistently raining the wipers looked very competent going left then right at that time.

Turning up at the venue guess what!! It was wipermania, engine off, wipers going like the clappers, again I had to rush off to catch the shots, then bounding (if you believe it) back to the car before the battery went flat. The only thing left to do was take out the wiper fuse! Sounds easy yes! Probably is if it’s a newish car but as this one had just recently changed from being horse driven to petrol engine it was all a bit sticky and rusty in the fuse department. 

I was in a nice suit and did not want to get dirty for the photo session to come, so grumpily I knelt on an old bit of cardboard from the back of the car. I pulled, pushed, twisted, scratched, swore, and banged my head! A lot!!  None of that helped!! It was solid!! So I hit it with the car jack! Clunk! That and using Ann’s tweezers it finally came out! 

After that it was all a breeze, got the shots, got a happy look from bride and groom, got in the car and it all ran perfectly. The car was in the garage the next day, it has now been replaced! The car I mean – not Ann lol.      

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