Friday, 31 March 2017

Classic Memories... Looking back to meeting Geoffrey Hughes

Meandering through the misty, cobweb-strewn Words & Images archives, we came across this photo that we took of comedy actor Geoffrey Hughes at a Collectormania show at Milton Keynes way back in 2009.

Many will remember Geoffrey as Eddie Yeats in Coronation Street, or as Onslow in Keeping Up Appearances. In fact he enjoyed a long career in TV, film and the West End stage. You'll probably also remember him as Twiggy in the Royle Family and Vernon Scripps in Heartbeat.

However, I wonder if you knew that he was also the voice of Paul McCartney in Yellow Submarine? Other voices for the FAB Four in the animated film in case you were wondering, were John Clive (John Lennon), Peter Betten (George Harrison) and Paul Angelis (Ringo).

The Words & Images team of Rob and Ann chatted to Geoffrey and found him to be a really friendly guy. He was actually making his d├ębut appearance at Collectormania and finding the whole thing very enjoyable.

I've done a Doctor Who convention,” Geoffrey told us, as he took a break between meeting his fans. “But this is my first Collectormania show and I'm really impressed. It's well organised and there's all these characters in costume walking around, it's great.

People know me from the different characters I've played and what surprises me is the kids who know me as Eddie Yeats from Coronation Street. I suppose it's because of the repeats on TV.”

Chatting about his career Geoffrey said, “The joy for an actor is when the writers want to write for you. With the four characters I'm best known for, the writers really did want to write those scripts. You can't ask more than that.”

Sadly Geoffrey passed away in July 2012, but leaving behind a legacy of great entertainment. Which of Geoffrey's immortal characters do you remember him best for?

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